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At Databank we save our customer's money
by safely storing and effectively managing
their data.

At Databank we save our customer's money by safely storing and effectively managing
their data - physical and electronic, making it available when and where needed.
Ultimately service will always be our competitive edge, and is the engine driving all our
other related activities.

Why should you consider outsourcing
your document storage?

  • It saves you a lot of money.
  • At Databank, your documents are like money in the bank.
  • A financial bank keeps your money safe, and pays interest on it.
  • Databank keeps your data safe, and saves you money on expensive office space. With Databank you access documents quickly, 7/24 if necessary, just like cash from the bank machine. And every month you get an activity statement, like a bank statement, so you know exactly what happened to your data. Like your bank account, only you, or those authorized by you have access to your Databank account.
  • Databank - It's the safe and sensible thing to do with your documents
    and other data.

How it works.

Like cash in your pocket, you decide what documents you need everyday in your office. You deposit the rest in Databank, saving on expensive office rent, and away from prying hands. And like money in a checking account, semi-active documents can
be retrieved as needed. But also, just as money in a bank savings account earns interest, inactive documents save you more because there are no retrieval/delivery costs, and the moment the law allows, they are responsibly recycled/destroyed minimizing your storage costs.

Please contact us today
to open an account and learn
about all the other ways
Databank saves you money and time.


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